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Who is Teri?

I have many credentials from my life experience and profession including having been an RN (registered nurse) and now an MD (medical doctor) specializing for the last 30 years in pediatrics. During my professional career, I have found myself often in the position of needing to coach patients, parents, and families with situations that are not just medical in nature. To be truly helpful to my patients I sought further expertise in counseling by pursuing a 9 month Holistic Life Coaching Program with Alan Cohen through the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching. I graduated with certification in Holistic Life Coaching and have attended ongoing advanced training as well.

Also through my dealing with patients I have come to realize there is more to us than the human aspect, there is also the spiritual aspect that plays so much in the way we all deal with life and the lesson it brings. I realized that the science of medicine was not complete without combining this spiritual side. Because of that I have pursued many alternative avenues of training to help myself and my clients. Over the past seven years I have been training with Sonia Choquette and Sabrina Choquette Tully to work on my intuitive gifts and coaching skills. Integrating these with my scientific knowledge has served to strengthen my ability to assist others. I have included studies in Reiki, Essential Oil therapy, and Water Yoga as well. The combination of all these other skills and aspects of myself has allowed me to truly be of complete service to clients and their families.

Why work with me?

  • I am a compassionate listener. Just ask my dog, Ollie. I am forever listening to his inner voice to communicate on a deeper level. All of you who have dogs know what I mean.

  • I have a lot of practical life experiences. I guess that comes with the passing years but also with many interesting life adventures.

  • I believe in the spiritual aspect of us all.

  • I am intuitive. I listen to my inner voice and will teach you to do that as well.

  • I am non-judgmental. I believe we all have our own unique paths we must follow to find our own song.

  • I love people and want to be helpful.

  • I want to be of service. I believe service is the greatest gift I can give anyone.

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