What is it?

Many people ask the difference between a life coach and a therapist since often they have had experiences with therapists.  I like to explain that a therapist often delves into your past to determine why you may have certain issues and then tries to help you "fix" them.  A life coach is a partner with the client, meeting them in the present, right where they are now, and strategizes with them for possible action steps.  The coach is more of a mirror for the client and never a guru with all the answers.  The coach's job is to reflect and reframe situations and ask questions that allow the client to dig deep into themselves and find their own answers because we believe we all have the answers within us.

In my coaching I tap into my intuition to help you see areas you may have trouble seeing on your own. In addition, because I believe we are all intuitive, I will teach you how to access your intuition and encourage and guide you to use it in finding your inner wisdom and the answers you are seeking. In other words, we are in this together each working for your higher good.

What To Expect ?

My coaching is very interactive, intuitive, and heart centered and you will discover your inner truth through the process.  You will be exploring through intuition, meditation, and discussion how you can serve yourself and others for your highest and best good.

Sessions are either in person, teleconference, or on the phone.   They are always confidential and non-judgmental.  Coaching is one on one for 50 minutes