Angel Card Readings

Tapping into Angelic presence, these readings help to guide you toward your best life with insight and confidence in your decisions.  Angel Card Readings can help you as you search for guidance, peace, and answers. 

Nothing is ever lost in the eyes of the Divine.  Acting as spirit messengers, angels can lead you to the answers you seek. 

Angels can help to guide you in all aspects of life. If you're feeling lost they can help you find the way. If you have a question, they can help you to answer it with confidence. 

Messages from angels are always positive and uplifting, never negative or unkind. They are here to ease our way in this world and only require that you ask them.

Types of Readings

  • Individual readings Available in person, teleconference, or phone.

  • Angel Card reading party Contact me for the arrangements and cost.



Workshops are designed to help you reconnect with the authentic expression of your soul, discover your inner truth, and more

If you are interested in attending or organizing your own group for any of the workshops listed, contact me and we can discuss the details and cost.

Balancing Your Chakras

8 week workshop identifying which of your 7 chakras are blocked and techniques to open each one yourself and how to keep them open. 


The first week will be an introduction to chakras and identifying which of your specific chakras are blocked.  Going forward we will meet once a week and discussion one chakra, its purpose, symptoms of when it is blocked and techniques to open it.  Participants will then practice on each other in class and on there own over the next week.  By the end of eight weeks you will have all the knowledge and tools to clear yourself in the future.

Each session will be approximately two hours.

Mandalas and Mindfulness

3 hour workshop. No experience necessary. All materials will be supplied.


Do you wander through your day on autopilot never really feeling in touch with yourself or others.

 Learn how to be fully present in the moment and by so doing become more productive, creative, and  peaceful.  In this workshop you will learn about mindfulness and techniques to practicing being mindful in your everyday life.    You will be creative because creativity quiets the mind and allows your true self to shine through.

Many spiritual traditions use the designing of mandalas to focus on active mindfulness.  You will be designing and painting your own spirit -guided mandalas on beach rocks and practice mindfulness in the process.

Join me for a calm, peaceful three hours of mindfulness, creativity, and play.

Self Care = Self Cure: A Doctor’s Prescription

2 hour workshop


Do you spend your days taking more care of others than you do yourself?  How does that make you feel? 

This discussion will allow you to develop an awareness and understanding of self -care that helps you create a plan for realizing a more fulfilling and peaceful life.  


What If One Question Could Change Your Life

3 hour workshop               Supplies included in the price


What are you most PASSIONATE about and want to do more?

What is your life  PURPOSE?

When was the last time you thought about any of those questions?  

The purpose of this workshop is to identify a word that will inspire your daily thinking and actions so you realize a more authentic and fulfilling life.

You will make a symbol of your word (an intention bracket) as a tangible reminder to wear going forward.

What Every Parent Should Know About Essential Oils

1 1/2 hour presentation and Q&A

Learn about the essential oils and which are safe for children at various ages.

Learn how to properly dilute essential oils for children

Learn many of the everyday uses for the essential oils instead of over the counter preparations or even prescription medications